Watch The Squid Jiggers  perform live at a sold out show in Freeport, Maine.

See all 56 minutes in 1080p HD.
Hear it in ‘mastered for video’ stereo.
Marvel as Troy’s dog, Hook, does tricks.
Clap and sing along like you’re right there.
Rent it for 48 hours for just $4.99.
Own it (stream anytime or download) for $9.99.


– Introduction

– The Gallant Forty Twa (Traditional)

– Twa Recruiting Sergeants (Traditional)

– Black Velvet Band (Traditional)

– The North Pond Hermit (by Troy R. Bennett)

– Billy Broke the Locks (by Troy R. Bennett)

– Come Down Ye Roses (by Troy R. Bennett)

– Hook’s Tricks (by Hook)

– I’m a Rover (Traditional)

– Old Ships and Old Sailors (By Dave Rowe)

– I’ze the B’y (Traditional)

– Wild Rover (Traditional)

– When Will We Be Married (Traditional)

– Drunken Sailor (Traditional)

– He Ain’t Gone (by Troy R. Bennett)