IMG_4383Kids love The Squids.

In addition to playing concerts and festivals, The Squid Jiggers also offer a completely customizable school show. Past events have included short performances coupled with small group workshops on songwriting and the folk process. Other topics can include the power of singing as a form of cooperation and making work lighter or spotlighting local history and storytelling in song.

Dave and Troy have been teaching people to sing for their entire careers. It’s what folk music is all about. They’ve never met an audience — young or old — they couldn’t engage.

“Thank you for a wonderful day last week. The kids loved you! They wanted to hear the song ( we can’t really figure out the words) Izie- Bytzie??? What is the title?? Do you plan to have “And she was” on you new album? They loved that too!!!” – Donna Morton, Manchester School in Windham, Maine.

Please get in touch if your school would like a Squiddy concert, workshop or residency.