Last chances to see The Squids till fall 2016

After six, solid years of gigs and recording, The Squid Jiggers are taking it easy this summer. Dave bought a boat and plans on cruising the rippling waters of Sebago Lake. Troy’s headed off on a few motorcycle camping adventures. So, make sure you come see The Squids at the 6th Annual Maine Newfoundland Day Celebration on June 4 at Poland Spring Resort in Poland, Maine. It’s one of the last two chances you’ll have to see them before October.

Your other chance to see them will be June 1 in Portland. Following something like 300 regular Wednesday night shows at Bull Feeney’s in Portland, it will be The Squids’ last one, ever. From then on, Dave will be doing the show solo with Troy filling in from time to time.

It’s all explained, with a song and some fascinating bonus footage, in the video above. Click on it and hear all the new directly from the squid’s beak.

The Squid Jiggers won’t play publicly again till October. Are they breaking up? Is this the end? Nope. It’s just a well-earned vacation. There will be plenty of ink in the water come 2017!

Photo credit: (c) 2016 Thomas-john Veilleux

The Squid Jiggers
Photo credit: (c) 2016 Thomas-john Veilleux

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